ClinicalAccess® Station

The ClinicalAccess® Station boasts an innovative modular design configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities. It scales to fit your program’s evolving telemedicine needs, so you can easily expand the scope of services offered. Streamline your workflows with integrated seamless video conferencing and leading-edge medical devices. The powerful eNcounter® software delivers timely, secure, robust telehealth solutions in clinical settings. 

ClinicalAccess® Station


Efficient and Intelligent

• Simple to launch and use 

• Customizable to your workflow 

• Compatible with connected instruments 

• Integrated software and hardware

Secure and Compliant

• Integrated security features 

• Locking compartments

• Prevents unauthorized usage

Sleek and Mobile

• Sleek, ovular design 

• Small footprint and five-wheel base 

• Highly maneuverable in confined spaces 

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