Telemedicine Stations


At Cure Global we make available best-in-class technology that is proven and will work alongside your organization to ensure successful adoption of your Virtual Care Strategy. 

GlobalMed Clinical Access Station

ClinicalAccess® Station

The ClinicalAccess Station’s innovative modular design delivers a telemedicine station, configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities. With integrated video conferencing software and connected medical devices, the ClinicalAccess® Station delivers secure and quality healthcare solutions for your clinic or hospital. 

GlobalMed Xpress Cart

Xpress™ Station

Xpress™ is a cost-effective telemedicine platform that delivers a comprehensive telemedicine solution at the touch of a button.

Easy to maintain and flexible, this all-in-one solution, will serve as a hub for all your telemedicine consultations. Start practicing evidence-based telemedicine with plug-and-play medical devices that are easily be stored within the cart.


Transportable Exam Station™

 The Transportable Exam Station™, TES, offers a new solution to reach patients in remote environments and still provide quality evidence-based care. TES is a compact, mobile rolling, case that safely houses a tablet PC and other fully connected devices. This rugged case offers you the ability to travel to your patients with the latest technology conveniently at your side. 



WallDoc® is a telemedicine solution designed for areas with space limitations. WallDoc® mounts flat on the wall and occupies an area only slightly larger than that of a flat panel monitor, yet provides the functionality of a fully-integrated telemedicine solution.